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Welcome to the Staff Lounge Blog


The Staff Lounge was created for the working members of their communities. This includes ALL working members of the communities, regardless of title, salary, gender, race, etc. It’s a place to find training, management, and leadership resources, as well as a place to bring awareness to workplace issues with resolution. Being a member of a working community requires so much from each person that at times it becomes overwhelming to navigate those talents and skills in the best direction to meet career needs as well as our personal needs.


Therefore, the Staff Lounge is only for those who seek to learn how to improve in these three levels: themselves, the team, and the organization. Learning how to be the best at all levels will help to minimize stress on the job, bring clarity, meet outcomes, and build a stronger organizational capacity. The Staff Lounge is a place to be energized and recharged to make your working experience the best it can be. We are pretty sure your customers will love the new work environment too. We are looking forward to learning so much from each other.


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